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Marsha Ransom, who began homeschooling in 1990, is the mother of four children, two of whom have always been homeschooled.   MORE

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[Article title unknown] (in April 2001)

Ms. Ransom envisions her contribution to the series as both an all-inclusive beginner's guide and a tool that established home schoolers can use to revitalize their practice. But she also focuses heavily on how families can create a schooling experience that uniquely suits them.
An Interview with Cafi Cohen  (in Home Education Magazine  Sept/Oct 1998)

Home Education Magazine's Older Kids' columnist, Cafi Cohen, homeschooled her two children, Jeff and Tamara. Her first book, "And What About College?" (Holt Associates, 1997), is a guidebook for families looking toward college after homeschooling. Cafi is also a contributor to Linda Dobson's newest book, The Homeschooling Book of Answers (Prima, 1998). Cafi and her husband Terry make their home in California, but Cafi makes frequent appearances at homeschooling conferences across the country. Frequent HEM contributor Marsha Ransom interviewed Cafi at a recent conference in California.   MORE

Happy Holidays (in Home Educator's FAMILY TIMES  Nov/Dec 2002)

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the holidays? For me, it’s about spending time with family. Now that our family is growing up, we don’t always have all our children with us during a holiday.  I find myself valuing the holidays when we are all together, even more than ever before.   MORE

What Dads Can Do In Homeschooling  (in Home Educator's FAMILY TIMES  June 2001)

In general, it seems that the majority of the responsibility of homeschooling (researching, planning curriculum, choosing materials, and instructing the children) falls to mothers. However, I am acquainted with and aware of fathers who stay home and fill the role of homeschooling parent, while the mothers are the breadwinners.   MORE

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Homeschooling  (in Home Educator's FAMILY TIMES  April 2001)

When I began researching homeschooling over twelve years ago, I read many books on homeschooling. Some were written about a particular educational philosophy, others consisted of the personal experiences of the author’s family, and still others were written from specific worldviews. No one had written a comprehensive guide that would give me all the information I needed to begin to understand homeschooling, learn what was available, and make the whole mind-boggling subject simple.  MORE